La Folie des Lianes / Paris / France

Creation of an artistic wooden structure to be used as a support for hops cultivation for handmade beer production. All this, on rooftop of a 4-story building, in the north western suburbs of Paris.

A project entirely made of douglas and larch wood, with Shou-sugi-ban treatment for plants wooden box and organic linseed oil wood protection.

Project realized in collaboration with TOPAGER for KEYS Asset Management

Festivalle 2017

OceanoMare Stage for FestiValle.

Festivalle is the first Music & Digital Arts Festival in the Valley of the Temples, near Agrigento, Sicily. Grriz was responsible for the stage design that hosted DJs in concerts on the magical San Leone beach.

Matera 2019

A pavilion to host the activities of the Agoragri association in a public urban park in Matera, South Italy, with a synergic vegetable garden, a straw theater, family gardens.

Roskilde Festival

For the 2016 edition the Roskilde Art Zone is enriched with an entrance gate, whose wild mode of expression and black and gold colours makes it function as a visual marker for the shift from Art Zone and the rest of the festival area.

The gate is called: Grosse Fatigue.

The artists and architects Mattia Paco Rizzi and Luigi Greco, together called GRRIZ, experiment with structures within temporary architecture, design and urban interventions that invite festivalgoers to interact with their environments. The gate to Art Zone will work as a visual magnet that will draw in festivalgoers through its strong and overwhelming design. At the same time, the gate creates a holistic experience, as the design is connected to Art Zone’s overall visual identity with black and gold as theme colours. 

A special thanks to Martha Cooper for the amazing photo.

[First photo by © Martha Cooper, all the rest by © GRRIZ ]

XV Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

A garden, a need, a material. This is the source of the installation by Luigi Greco & Mattia Paco Rizzi / GRRIZ. Set on the edge of the Italian Pavilion, the Giardino delle Vergini is the natural focus of the exhibition layout at the Biennale. Hence the need to create a restful, reflective place and offer it to visitors. The material absorbs the effects of this attitude. Wood, recycled from the dismantling of Expo 2015, is placed here in a state of momentary stillness, worked and altered as little as possible in order to meet the future needs of those it is offered to. When the event ends, the material will gain a third life.

Cucina Pianeta

Aspra.mente, in collaboration with designer duo Luigi Greco & Mattia Paco Rizzi and artist Luigi Coppola, he wants to open a space for comparison through the activation of a laboratory that has its center in a mobile kitchen. The program envisages different activities: a food course targeted at migrants for the achievement of HACCP (in collaboration with the Diaconia di Frosinone Cooperative); a series of tastings in which recipes of the tomato-based Mediterranean tradition are proposed; the production of kitchen cloths decorated with natural ink in collaboration with Antica Stamperia Pascucci. The placemats will be donated in part to the Farmhouse of Castiglione d'Otranto (LE): their sale will close the cycle of generative welfare affecting the reintegration of migrant workers and the recovery of biodiversity in the territories in which the association operates.

STRANGE FRUIT by Giulia Ferracci for THE INDEPENDENT / Food. A project by Aspra.mente in collaboration with Luigi Greco & Mattia Paco Rizzi, Luigi Coppola, Agricultural House of Castiglione d'Otranto (LE), Slow Food Roma and Diaconia Cooperative. Coproduced by MAXXI - National Museum of the Arts of the 21st Century. Special thanks to Fabio Pennacchia (NoMade - Open for disturbing ideas) and Riccardo Magnisi

Antonella Hair Diffusion / Hair Salon

The furnishing of the living room was inserted inside a wooden vortex inspired by the chaotic overlays of spontaneous and organic architecture. The structure and trim are followed by precise directions that give tension to the salon spaces and envelop the customers. "Catanzaro pulled the wind strong" is a tribute to the imperfection, to a windy city, to the chaos of nature and the wind that breaks the hair.

design: Luigi Greco and Mattia Paco Rizzi with the collaboration of Marco Bencivenga
customer: Antonella Hair Diffusion / Catanzaro
materials: Fir wood
Photos of: Angelo Jaroszuk Bogasz and Mattia Paco Rizzi
Location: Catanzaro, Calabria